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KC16 Photo Stitch

Central to the mission and vision of the Kutz Camp program is the level of excellence of the staff we hand-select each summer. Each staff member brings a unique set of qualities, attributes, talents and knowledge to help enhance our camp community on exponential levels. A summer on staff at Kutz is unlike any other summer camp experience available. In this environment, we encourage a complete reciprocal learning environment on every level, where staff and participants share equally in learning and leading our community, all while embracing individuality and our Reform Jewish values.

To be afforded the opportunity to be a part of this remarkable team, we have high expectations of the staff we invest in for our community. Embracing NFTY’s Thirteen Principles, a full understanding of HaSefer Boo, and a passion and commitment for Reform Jewish values are paramount to the success of each staff member and our overall staff community. If you are looking for a challenging summer that will benefit your own personal and professional development, then please, continue through this site. Read about each of our unique staff teams. Delve deeply into each job description. Find a role congruent with your talents and aspirations. And consider joining us for the defining summer of a lifetime.

We are very excited to share our new staffing structure for 2016! Be sure to take a look below!


    KC16 Staff Structure


Please be sure to read through the attachments below to gain a full understanding of the expectations of the Kutz staffing structure. These particular pieces are fundamental to the success of any specific position that we will fill for the summer of 2016.

NFTY's Thirteen Principles, the guiding values of our youth movement, are essential within the camp program and curriculum.
Melissa Frey's thoughts on learning, living and leading in the Kutz Camp community.
A look at the staff structure for Kutz 2016.
Frequently Requested Job Descriptions
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